To visit nomadic life

Visit nomads, the people of the steppes have adopted a pastoral way of life moving in the search of best pastures and campsites. They live by and for their livestock. Experience their lifestyle, try to milk goats, sheep and cows, learn some methods of processing dairy products.

Horse riding

Mongolia is a real nomadic way to ride a horse. Mongolian wildnature looks more beautiful on the horseback riding. This trip offers you a stunning adventure to discover unfenced wilderness of Mongolia on a horseback. It is difficult to imagine to visit Mongolia without horse. We will organize how many days you want to ride a horse with a wild nature in Khuvsgul lake. Experienced guide who can ride a horse will follow you.

Fishing tour

Mongolia is a gorgeous fishing spot with its 4000 rivers, more than 30 lakes and wide variety of fishes.You will fish in some of the best waters in this journey. Opportunity to catch the world’s biggest salmon, Taimen. Fishing in Mongolia is a genuine excitement and you might want to continue the trip through gorgeous wilderness.

To visit tsaatan tribe

Shamanism, the traditional spiritual belief system based on nature worship, is still practised among the Tsaatan. To influence and extract meaning from their environment, they perform many mystical holy rituals and use many different magic charms in their daily life, for hunting, calling, preventing the rain etc. Meet the nomadic Mongolian mountain tribe who have depended on reindeer for thousands of years for foo, clothes and transport.

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